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Ballistic Rangefinder/

TOMAHAWK Applied Ballistics Rangefinder

Item Number: BT800yd/BT1200yd/BT1500yd/BT2200yd

Item Name:  TOMAHAWK

Magnification: 6X

Objective lens: 26mm

Accuracy:  ±1 yd

Measuring Range: 0-800yd/0-1200yd/0-1500yd/0-2200yd

Ballistic Calculator: Yes

Ballistic Compensation:875 yd/1500 yd

Display: Red/Black HD-LCD display

Laser Type: Class 1

Wavelength: 905nm

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Color: Black

Battery: CR2-3.0V

Weight: 195Grams

Resistance Protection: IP54, against dust and splash water

Dimensions: (L*W*H)125*80*35mm

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Applied Ballistic Solver-TOMAHAWK Ballistic Rangefinder comes standard with Applied Ballistics Ultralight or Sportsman to provide ballistic solutions out of the box to 875 yards or 1500 yards.

Featuring Bluetooth function, connect TOMAHAWK Ballistic Rangefinder to Applied Ballistics app-BOSS to your smartphone for easy data input, set multiple target distances, input environments, shot angle etc.

  • Free BOSS app, compatible with IOS 13 or above and Android 6 or above
  • MOA, MIL optional
  • Combined with the powerful G1/G7 ballistic calculator
  • Red/Black HD-LCD display with automatic light recognition, screen color automatically switches according to light conditions. Red display in dim light conditions, black display in bright light conditions.
  • This is a needed feature for hunters who hunt during twilight.
  • Quick scan
  • Small target measurement, ranging1x1 meter white target in 1200 yards
  • Standard tripod mounting screw holes
  • 6-month replacement, 2-year guarantee, lifetime maintenance
  • OEM ODM support

In the Box

  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Wrench
  • Desiccant
  • Carrying case with carabiner clip, lanyard tether

Q: How does rangefinder and ballistic app connect?

A: 1. Search ”henrich boss” on Google Play or Apple Store, you will find “BOSS” app, free download it to your smartphone, set up your PLUS rangefinder, create, manage, and store your specified ballistic profiles using “BOSS” app-based on the ballistic solution supported by Applied Ballistics.

2.Connect PLUS rangefinder to BOSS app by Bluetooth connectivity.

3.Transfer your setting and your ballistic profiles to your PLUS rangefinder.

4.Having the integrated Applied Ballistics software, you get highly accurate results for your PLUS rangefinder based on the measured ranged, the equivalent horizontal range, and ambient data such as temperature, air pressure, and angle.



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