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ODM, OEM & Custom manufacturing services at Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd.

Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd is your trustworthy partner for ODM, OEM and Custom manufacturing services dedicated to your shooting and hunting equipments projects.With a lagacy of over 10 years, we take pride in delivering  exceptional services and have successfully completed many excellent projects for our clients.

Please contact our company’s official site and including this new, the other website has never belonged to our company. Honesty, Trustworthy and Professional Ethics are the foundation for any business cooperation.

OEM items:

1.LCOS Smart Red Dot Sight

2.Ballistic Rangefinder

3.Hunting Rangefinder

4.Golf Rangefinder

5.LRF Module

ODM&Custom items:

1.Prism Scope built-in Rangefinder

2.Ballistic Computer

3.LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight

4.Ballistic Rangefinder

5.Hunting Rangefinder

6.Golf Rangefinder

7.LRF Module

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