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About Us

 Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional and a fast growing manufacturer of sports optics in Beijing China, we’ve been in this industry more than 10 years, our technology is from Tshinghua University, a very famous university in Beijing China.

We have two important core technologies: one is Ballistic Solution, another one is New Rangfinding Technology which means Built-in a mini rangefinding module to each ordinary scope/sight, these two core technologies are gaining more and more recognition by the customers worldwide.

Henrich Technology is the shorter name of our company.

www.henricht.com is the initial website created in 2014 when our company was founded.

www.henrichtechnology.com & www.henricht.com are our company’s websites,

the other webiste does not belong to our company, we have only one Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd.

All of our items belong to high quality sports optics products, we have full control over the entire process, from design to production to quality assurance.

Our products include LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight, Ballistic Rangefinder, Hunting Rangefinder, Golf Rangefinder and LIMA LRF Module, and some ODM projects of Ballistic Computer and Smart Rangefinder Scopes which are under testing samples stage now.

We have our own R&D professional team, and have more than 120 employees and a 2500 sq.m.production center located in Fangshan District, Beijing China.

Founded in 2014 by Mr.Will Zhow, who has over 20 years professional experiences in manufacturing of sports optics, he used his professional sports optics knowledge and with his management experience (he has a MBA degree from UIBE) formed a professional and innovative R&D team and developed some great sports optics such as Red Dot Sight Built-in Rangefinder (LICOS series) and Laser Rangefinder Module(LIMA series) projects which well recognized and being very popular by our customers worldwide. These products are positioned in the top tier of the market, some of them have been completed patents both in China and U.S., some new patents are applying both in China and  U.S. currently. We still keep developing new products per year, and we believe some our new products will be the new trends for shooting and hunting markets.

Henrich Technology

Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd 

Why work with Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd?

We value Authenticity, Professional Ethics, Mutual-Trust & Fairness

Henrich Technology values authenticity, professional ethics, mutual-trust and fairness in everything we do, we work with you ethically and skillfully, these are the foundation for all business cooperation.

Customers First

We care about our customers and their experience with our products, we aim to provide the customer with more than just a product. We are committed to looking after our customers and ensure that we go the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service.

We shall provide you excellent service and support if you receive your order that were damaged in shipping  or has quality problems, or if you realize you ordered the wrong models, we’ll immediately replace it or return it at our expense

Products Warranty

We provide you 6-month full replacement, 2-year warrany, lifetime maintenance for all our products.

High Quality

With over 10 years experience in sports optics industry, we design, R&D and produce such LIMA and LICOS series sports optics products to ensure the highest quality products for our customers, and depending on our two core technologies(Ballistic Solution, New Rangefinding Technology) to produce high quality and high technology content products.We got CE, RoHS, FCC, FDA for all current items.


We do whatever it takes to deliver timely, affordable sports optics products.

ODM and OEM Expert

We offering you a one stop solution for your sports optics projects from designs(including your custom designs and our ready designs) to production and shipment.

Our Strengths

Based on the innovative concepts and with our two core technologies, Henrich Technology researched and developed HuntingRangefinder, Golf Rangefinder,Ballistic Rangefinder, Smart Red Dot Sight built-in Rangefinder and LRF Module. Now we’re doing ODM projects of Ballistic Computer and Smart Riflescope with Built-in a Rangefinder for some customers, all ballistic technology supported by Applied Ballistics, we are a licensee of Applied Ballistics Inc, we can provide you the most advanced ballistic calculation solution for your ballistic projects.

CEO of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd

Will Zhow

Founder&CEO of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd

Development Manager of Henrich Technology

Bin Chen

Development Manager of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd

General Sales Manager of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd

Sunny Sun

General Sales Manager of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd

Wan Jun-Henrich Technology

Wan Jun Zhow

Product Manager of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd

CTO of Henrich Technology

Cong Sha

Chief Technology Officer of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd

Henrich Technology

Liang Li

Product Manager of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd

Designer of Henrich Technology Co.Ltd

Jia Wen Tu

Chief Designer of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd


Thomas Kang

Vice President of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd

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