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Smart Red Dot Sight/

LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight 400yd

Item Number: LICOS400

Item Name:  LICOS

Magnification: 1x

Reticle: 4 MOA Dot

Measuring Range: 2-400 yards

Display: OLED

Brightness Setting: 4

Laser Type: Class 1

Wavelength: 905nm

Adjustment Range: 100 MOA

Battery: CR2-3.0V

Battery Life: 5000 times of measurement

Mounting: Direct mountable to any Picatinny rail

Resistance Protection: IP54, against dust and splash water

Weight: 440g

Dimensions: (L*W*H) 116*50*68mm

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Compare with traditional Red Dot Sight, LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight has increased new function of measurement and with a OLED Display.

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LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight, a revolutionary upgrade version combines traditional red dot aiming with built-in laser rangefinding for unmatched precision and ease of use. For seasoned marksman or a new enthusiast, LICOS unlocks a new level of control and confidence in your shooting and hunting.

The LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight is not just a sight, it even more like a game-changer.Experience the future of precision airming and take your shooting to a brillliant level!

Highlights for LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight:

  • Three Models for options: LICOS400 for 2-400 yards ranging distance, LICOS600 for 2-600 yards ranging distance, LICOS900 for 2-900 yards ranging distance.
  • Instant Ranging: Get laser-accurate distance, angle, and azimut reading directly on the sight’s OLED display with a single press of the wireless remote control.
  • Scan Mode: Long press the remote to activate scan mode, allowing you to repidly range multiple objects at different distances for tactical decision-making.
  • Yards/Meters switched: easy toggle between Yards and Meters.
  • Clear Airming: A high-transimttance red dot with mutiple intensity settings ensures clear target acquisition in any lighting condition.
  • Universal Compatibility: Mount the LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight on MSR rifles, shotguns, PCCs, and submachine guns with its Picatinny rail compatibility.
  • Precise Adjustments: Fine-tune your aim with the sight’s highly precise mechanical interface or optional Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Durable Build: CNC machined aviation aluminum housing guarantees a lifetime of reliable performance.
  • Easy to use: Simple installation and a long lasting battery(5000 activations) make this device a hassle-free addition to your gear.
  • Packaging: Size/Box: 23x17x10cm, Size/Carton: 47×36.50x50cm, 20Boxes/Carton, Weight/Carton: 24.00kg.
  • Quality Guaranteed:
  • 6-month replacement, 2-year guarantee, lifetime maintenance
  • CE, RoHS, FCC, FDA, EMC certificates
  • 1000G Recoil Testing : A very important 1000G recoil testing has been finished since last Nov 2020. Recoil testing is a foundamental part of the desigh and testing process of red dot sight to ensure they can handle the calibres its designed form as well as general knocks sustained during its lifetime.We put our LICOS smart red dot sight through 1000 rounds on the Shock-Test machine, which delivers up to 1000G’s of force. The results are then reveiwed and the device of red dot sight is then range tested on a red dot sight where once again its results are reviewed against its specification. During production testing, the LICOS smart red dot sight may go through 2-4 cycles of this.

In the Box

  • Picatinny mount installed
  • User Manual
  • Screwdriver, Hex Wrench
  • ABS Hard Case

Q: What recoil level is?

A: 800G

Q: The device shall have the aiming point in for of a Red-dot?

A: Yes.

Q: The device shall be parallax free?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the size of aiming dot?

A: 4 MOA

Q: The device shall have provision for brightness adjustments?

A: Yes, the brightness adjustment is 4 levels.

Q: The device shall have adapter to mount (Picatinny or dovetail) on user specified weapon?

A: Yes, it is Picatinny.

Q: Shall device has provision for vertical and horizontal adjustment of Red dot?

A: Yes.

Q: Does device has any radioactive or hazardous material?

A: No any radioactive and hazardous material.

Q: What is operating temperature?

A: -25° to +55°

Q: What is storage temperature?

A:-40° to +70°



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