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Ballistic Solution

Ballistic Solution

As a High-Tech company, Henrich Technology has following two important core technologies:

1. Ballistic Solution: According to the data provided by the ballistics company(our ballistic app AB Synapse-BOSS which is specifically made for our products by Applied Ballistics Inc), we can call the basic data very well, combine it with air pressure, wind speed, temperature, humidity and other parameters that affect the bullet flight trajectory to generate the bullet trajectory curve and display it digitally on the viewing screen. It is formulated by the shooter. We provide shooters and hunters a full set of ballistic solution.

2. New Rangefinding Technology: Integrating a mini laser rangefinding module into each ordinary scope or sight, which is our greatest technical breakthrough, we R&D this technology since 2017, it is a rangefinding revolution and a very succesful technology in rangefinding industry. This innovative technology eliminates bulky external rangefinders and delivers one-shot accuracy for shooting and hunting gears.Our Licos Smart Red Dot Sight is one of successful product which use this new technology and built-in a mini rangefinding module inside, nowadays, Licos Smart Red Dot Sight become customers’s favorite and well recognized product in the world, it is still a pinoneering product in the world today. 

An overview of Henrich Technology’s Ballistic Projects for your reference.

Applied Ballistics Rangefinder

What is AB Synapse-BOSS?


AB Synapse-BOSS is a ballistic application specifically made for Henrich Technology sports optics by Applied Ballistics Inc. It allows users to customize their ballistic profiles for greater precision in their loadout.The app also provides full access to the Applied Ballistics bullet library.

We can suggest that you consider using BOSS app, which offers Ultralite or Sportsman versions equipped with a bullet database and support for G1/G7. Depending on your needs, these versions can provide ballistic solutions up to 875 yards or 1500 yards.

How does AB Synapse-BOSS App works?


If you have purchased Henrich Technology’s sports optics products, please follow these steps. We have already completed the connection process between the rangefinder and BOSS app. Let’s use the rangefinder as an example.

  • Find “Henrich Boss” on Google Play or the Apple Store to download the free “BOSS” app for iOS and Android.
  • Set up your rangefinder and use the AB Synapse “BOSS” app to save your preferred ballistic profiles.
  • Connect your rangefinder to the “BOSS” app, simply establish a Bluetooth connection.
  • Please transfer your settings and personal ballistics profiles to your rangefinder.
  • Use the Applied Ballistics software integrated in your rangefinder for precise measurements. It considers factors like range, horizontal range, temperature, air pressure, and angle for highly accurate results.

What are Henrich Technology Ballistic Projects?


We specialize in embedding the Applied Ballistics calculator chip into scopes to enhance your shooting and hunting skills. As experts in the field of ballistic solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of services to elevate your ballistic projects. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the following areas:

Ballistic Rangefinder (Completed)

Our rangefinders are equipped with an Applied Ballistics calculator that allows users to customize their guns and bullet type, as well as adjust for factors like temperature, humidity, and air pressure. You can even connect an anemometer via Bluetooth for added precision. Simply select the appropriate ballistic characteristics, zero your rifle, and you’re ready to go. The BOSS app offers support for ballistic distances up to 875 yards or 1500 yards, with zoom capabilities for accurate power settings.

Ballistic LRF Riflescope (In progress)

The Applied Ballistics BOSS app enables you to effortlessly merge pre-installed measuring sights on a ballistic calculation module into your LRF riflescope. With the help of the Applied Ballistics Calculator module, the BOSS app can easily set the necessary parameters and transmit them via Bluetooth to the LRF riflescope in under a second. The app then calculates the ballistic correction, which is displayed on the screen of the sight.

Ballistic Laser Rangefinder Module (In progress)

Our core technology involves integrating a mini laser rangefinder into scopes and sights.

The Ballistic Laser Rangefinder module comes pre-installed with the Applied Ballistics BOSS app. Users have the ability to customize the appearance of their sight lens to their company’s specifications. Additionally, they can install auxiliary equipment like indicating lasers and strong light flashlights..

Ballistic Computer (In progress)

The BOSS app can transfer data via Bluetooth to the ballistic computer, which then calculates the necessary ballistic corrections after measuring the distance.

Our ballistic computing solution, AB Synapse-BOSS, is highly sophisticated and designed for professionals. Under support by Applied Ballistics Inc, we are constantly improving our software and releasing upgraded versions.


Smart Rifle Scope

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