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Applied Ballistics Rangefinder


How does Henrich Applied Ballistics Rangefinder works?

Our Applied Ballistics Rangefinder comes standard with AB Ultralight or AB Sportsman providing ballistic solution out of the box to 875 yards or 1500 yards.Our rangefinders are equipped with an Applied Ballistics Calculator allowing users to customized their gun and bullet types, as well as adjusting for factors like temperature, humidity, and air pressure. Users can even connect an anemometer via Bluetooth for added precision.Simply select the appropriate ballistic charateristics, zero the rifles. The BOS appllication offers supporting for ballistic distance up to 875 yards or 1500 yards with zoom capabilities for accurated power settings.

Find” henrich boss” on Google Play or Apple Store to download the free “BOSS” app for your smart phone of iOS or Android.

Set up the rangefinder using AB Synapse-BOSS app to save your preferred ballistic profiles.

Connect the rangefidner to the BOSS app, simply establish a Bluetooth connection.

Thansfter your settings and personal ballistic profiles to your rangefinder.

Use the Applied Ballistics software of Ultralight or Sportsman to integrated in your rangefinder for precise measurements. It consider factors such as range, horizontal range, temperature, air pressure, and angle for highly accurate results.


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