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Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd


Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd means an innovative manufacturer producing high-end sports optics in Beijing China, its technology is from Tshinghua University.In 2014, Mr.Will Zhow founded Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd, he used his professional sports optics knowlege and  his managing experiences( he has MBA degree from UIBE uninversity) forming a professional R&D team and developed some great sports optics items such as LICOS/LIMA projects, which have been recognized and being very popular worldwide. These products have positioned in the top tier of the market, LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight is the pioneering product in the world until today.

In past years, we got patents for current products in China and U.S., we are still applying new patents for our new products both in China and U.S. We always keep developing new products per year, we believe some our new sports optics equipments will be a new trend and the most advanced devices on shooting and hunting markets.

Our Current Main Products (in stock):

LICOS Smart Red Sight, Ballistic Rangefinder, Hunting Rangefinder, Golf Rangefinder, LIMA LRF Module.

Our ODM Projects(in processing): Ballistic Computer, Prism Rangefinder Scopes/Sights with ballistic function, Ballistic Binocular, Ballistic LRF Modules.

Henrich Technology will keep providing you the best ODM, OEM and Custom maunufacturing service.

We have two core technologies:

 1.Ballistic Solution:

 We can call the ballistic data well under the data provided by professional ballistic companies(we use Applied Ballistics Inc‘s ballistics calculator currently) combining it with air pressure, wind speed, temperature, humidity and other parameters that effect the bullet flight trajectory to generate the bullet tracjectory curve and display it digitally on the viewing screen, it formulated by the shooters, and we provide shooters a full set of ballistic solution.

Applied Ballistic Inc supports all Henrich Technology ballistic products, and we are a licensee of Applied Ballistics Inc.All henrich technology’s ballistic products adopt the Ultralite or Sportsman of Applied Ballistics engine connecting AB Synapse-BOSS ballistic application via Bluetooth, we will provide you the most advanced trajectory calculation’s solution for your hunting and shooting projects.

2.New Rangefinding Technology: 

Since 2017, we have R&D the technology of integrating miniature laser rangefinders directly into scopes and sights, it is our great technical breakthrough.LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight is one of our successful case which integrating a laser rangfinder inside, it has become a very popular and a pinoneering product globally until today.This innovative technology eliminates bulky external rangefinders and delivers seamless one-shot accuracy for shooting and hunting equipments.

We will keep designing and manufacturing the best sports optics products for you.

Honesty,Trustworthy, Professional Ethics come first.

Thanks for all our customers’s trust and support!



Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd

Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd

If you are looking for a turstworthy manufacturer for  ODM, OEM and Custom for your shooting and hunting equipments, Henrich Technology is the perfect partner. We provide exceptional  ODM, OEM and Custom manufacturing services, we’ve been in SHOT(shooting, hunting, outdoor) industry over 10 years and have successfully completed many excellent projects for our clients.

Please contact our company’s official site www.henricht.com and including this new website:www.henrichtechnology.com, the other website has never belonged to our company.


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