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Licos Smart Red Dot Sight


Licos Smart Red Dot Sight VS traditional Red Dot Sight:

  1. Measuring function:it has increased a mini laser rangefinder inside, so it can quickly measure the distance and angle for your target.
  2. Two measurements for your option, 2-400yd, 2-600yd.
  3. With scan mode: it allows you to quickly range multiple objects at different distance in real time.
  4. With a OLED Display: all data can displayed the OLED screen.
  5. Four brightness adjustments: 4MOA Dot with multiple intensity levels.
  6. Housing material:CNC Aviation Aluminum.
  7. Easy toggle between yards and meters.
  8. Capable on all firearms and crossbows with picatinny rail.
  9. Quick battery replacement without removing the sight from the firearm.
  10. Recoil level: 1000G
  11. Parallax free
  12. No any radioactive and hazardous materials
  13. Operating temperature:-25 dree to +55 degree
  14. It has provision for vertical and horizontal adjustment of red dot
  15. FDA Class 1, 905nm wave length
  16. Battery life:5000 times of measurement.
  17. Dimension(LxWxH): 116x50x80mm
  18. Net weight: 380g
  19. www.henrichtechnology.com

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