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Ballistic Computer

Powered by Applied Ballistics

Ranging Distance: 1-2000 yards

Class 1 Laser, 905nm wavelength

1.3 inch OLED display.

  • Features

Functions for Ballistic Computer:

Trajectory Calculation: Predict bullet paths with pinpoint accuracy, considering velocity, angle, wind, gravity, and more.
Wind Correction: Conquer crosswinds and ensure shots land on target even in challenging conditions.
Firing Adjustment: Get real-time recommendations for precise aim based on distance, wind, and other factors.
Fault Analysis: Monitor launch data to detect potential issues in firing systems, guaranteeing optimal performance.
Data Logging: Track firing data for post-analysis, enabling technique refinement and system optimization.

Key Features of Ballistic Computer

Laser Range Finder (LRF): Measure distances to targets instantly and accurately.
Infrared/Visible Aiming Lasers: Enhance targeting under diverse lighting conditions.
Intuitive User Interface: Navigate effortlessly and input data with ease.
Integrated Ballistic Engine: Drive precise calculations for reliable shooting solutions.
Environmental Sensors: Factor in temperature, humidity, inclination, cant, and heading for comprehensive adjustments.
Optional GPS and Bluetooth: Expand capabilities with location data and wireless connectivity.
Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or a rising star, experience the difference a ballistic computer can make.

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