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Smart Red Dot Sight

New updated Smart Red Dot Sight arrivals 

We have upgraded our LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight  to a new and loner ranging distance of 900 yards now, the mass production will start from the end of this Sept, the other functions keep no change.

LICOS is a worldly pioneering smart red dot sight that is with a built-in laser rangefinder giving hunters and shooters the added benefits of precise distances and angle displayed on the OLED screen. It has two ranging modes for your option:Single Mode and Scan Mode. Scan mode allows you to quickly range multiple objects at different distances in real time.With easier ranging and aiming, friring on target become easily with this optics installed.

What features are:

Quickly measures the target distances and angles.

Three ranging distances for options: 2-400 yards, 2-600 yards, 2-900 yards.

With OLED Display.

With 1x magnification.

Objective lens diameter is 38x20mm.

Reticle: 4MOA Dot with multiple intensity settings for rapid target engagement under a full range of lighting conditions.

With Inclinometer.

High transmittance red notch reflector for excellent brightness, light transmettance, and zero distortion, highly precise measuring even in the difficult conditions.

Compatible for all firearms the open reflex Licos smart red dot sight is the ideal sighting solution for MSR rifles, shotguns, PCC, and submachine guns.

Yards and Meters switched.

Capable on all firearms and crossbows with Picatinny rail.

Four brightness settings gives you plenty of control over the dot’s intensity both in an indoor and outdoor environments.

Quick battery changes without removing the sight from firearm.

CE, RoHS, FCC, FDA, EMC certificates.

Six-month replacement, Two-year warranty.

Class 1 laser and 905nm wavelength.

One CR2 battery.

Battery Life is 5000 times of measurements.

Auto Shut Off time is 17 mins of inactivity.

Recoil Level is 800g/ms.

CNC find grounding, aviation aluminum housing ensures lifetime reliable performance

Waterproof case.

Net weight: 440g

Dimensions:11.60×5.03×6.85 cm.

1 unit/box, 20boxes/carton, weight/caron: 24.00kg



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Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd





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