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Integrating Laser Rangefinders into Scopes/Sights

Integrating Laser Rangefinders into Scopes/Sights

New Rangefinding Technology:Integrating laser Rangefinders into a scopes/sights is our greatest technical breakthrough, we R&D this technology since 2017,  it is a rangefinding revolution and a very successful technology for our company.Our LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight is one of successful case which with built-in laser rangefinding inside, nowadays, LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight become customers’favorite and a recognized product in the world, it is still a pinoneering product globally until today.

We’re developing several Rangefinder Scopes/Sights which all with a built-in Rangefinding module currently, we believe these Rangefinder Scopes/Sights will be the new trends and highlights in hunting and shooting market soon.

We also will increase ballistic function into these Rangefinder Scopes/Sights.With these two functions-Built-in Rangefinder and Ballistic Calculation,they will be the most advanced and perfect Rangefinder Scopes/Sight in this industry.

Smart Red Sight Built in Rangefinder-Henrich Technology

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