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Our Team

Our Team

Henrich Technology Top Management:

Will Zhow: Founder and CEO of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd, he has more than 20 years experiences in manufacturing of sports optics.He got a MBA degree from UIBE-a very famous chinese university in Beiijing.

Sunny Sun: As General Sales Manager of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd, she is in charge of the whole export trade business for our company.

What are Sunny’s greatest achievements?

In 2016, she had successfully sold our rangefinders to American market, this is the first time our products entering the American market,  from then our company’s products began to enter the American market on a large scale.

In 2020, she introduced our rangefinders to Applied Ballistic Inc, after almost one year test and inspection by Applied Ballistics Inc, Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd as the only one authorized sports optics manufacturer in Asia by Applied Ballistics Inc since Nov 2021, so our Ballistic Rangefinder as our another new item went on market at the end of 2021.

On May,2022,  she has successfully sold our two new products- LICOS Smart Red Dot Sights and Ballistic Rangefinders to US market in large quantity, and now these two items gradually recognized by more and more customers in the world.

We believe Sunny will create more achivements in her export trade career.ODM projects will be Henrich Technology’s focus as well as Sunny’s direction.

We’re developing some important ODM projects now, such as Ballistic Computer, Rangefinder Scope and others.

Chong Sha: An excellent CTO of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd, his specialities include hardware/software engineerring, R&D and software programing.

Jia Wen Tu: A very creative and professional Chief Designer of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd, his specialities include CAD modeling and simulation, structural engineering.

Bin Chen: A professional and experienced Business Development Manager of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd.

Thomas Kang: Vice President of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd, he has a great work experience, he worked at LEICA for many years.

Wan Jun Zhow: Product Manager of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd

Liang Li: Product Manager of Henrich Technology Co.,Ltd.

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